At OneWorld, we believe that a sustainable agricultural economy can be built only by giving back to nature more than one takes. We are convinced that Bio-dynamic farming is the best tool to achieve that.

In addition, we believe in the importance of contributing to to positive social and economic change in Nepal. Necessary changes in behavior and thinking can only be achieved if the results are economically worthwhile for local people. Farmers have to find buyers for their goods that are produced using environmentally friendly practices, and they must receive fair prices. Thus, sustainable access to good markets is an integral part of helping people help themselves.

Acker - Gorkha

Acker – Gorkha

Functional development assistance should have a human face.  Sustainable economic growth cannot be based upon charity; progress depends upon empowering target groups to engage in beneficial economic activities.  Continued success brings development.

This is important for human dignity. ‘Helpers’ become supporters and injustices in the global distribution of goods are solved.

Babu Lal – Farmer (Gorkha)

Babu Lal – Farmer (Gorkha)

We seek to put our ideology into action through our business model. Along with our non-profit arm, The Himalayan Biodynamic Developments Trust, we support small farmers to undertake Bio-dynamic farming and to gain market access, helping them overcome important hurdles while promoting personal responsibility (see Shaktikhor Bio-dynamic Farmers Groups page). We also buy materials from a cooperative of wild plant collectors, whom we had trained in sustainable collection practices and helped to receive internationally recognized certification (see Chepang Plant Collectors’ Cooperative page). On our own farm, The Land of The Medicine Buddha, our workers enjoy fair working conditions, and we promote environmental responsibility by cultivating various endangered medicinal plants and actively protect biodiversity.