The Farm "Land of the Medicine Buddha"

Our Bio-Dynamic farm is the operating model and nucleus of our work in terms of research in all aspects related. The farm is on 17 acres of land located in a lush green and fertile valley in the middle of Nepal, a 4 hour bus ride from Kathmandu. It lies on the banks of the Marshyangdi, one of the largest rivers of Nepal. At about 2500 ft, it is at an ideal altitude to grow many medical and traditional healing herbs.                                                        The farm is called "Land of the Medicine Buddha" and is an ecological, modern and evolving economic and environmental project in which men and women can participate together.

The farm is developing locally adapted crops and practices. The office team is working in Kathmandu to develop modern products to distribute in the Western organic market. As this is successful, the small farmer’s cooperatives are then trained to meet the needs for production.                                                  By acceptance of these guarantees for production and marketing, the farmers can experience the success of a bio-dynamic economy. The approach is truly sustainable. 

Our farm is the first certified bio-dynamic farm in Nepal. Since 2005, we have been certified by Demeter International, which insures the world's highest quality standard of bio-dynamic products.

With the support of the Deutsche Investment und EntwicklungsGesellschaft (DEG) and a German client            PHARMOS NATUR irrigation and processing systems were installed in 2003/4. These were financed and equipped to the Western standard of quality requirements for which OneWorldalc wishes to extend great thankfulness towards the donors. Due to this PPP-project the professional levels of the farm operation have been noticably lifted and better quality competitive products can reach the western market since then.

Since 2007, young volunteers are bringing new valuable ideas from the West and help move the farm into its intended vision.

We have employed local Nepalese people for many years and helped train them in the methodology of bio-dynamic farming. According to Fair Trade guidelines, we hire socially disadvantaged people, in this case Nepalese rural women and girls. They make up the majority of the workforce on the farm.