Top Student's Magic - refreshing

An Ayurvedic gem for managers and student's alike.

This powerful tea combines Brahmi (Bacopa monierii), the most important Ayurvedic herb for increasing brain function with three Ayurvedic “miracle plants” as well as other herbs.
This refreshing and healing tea is
ideal for all those who work under stress.
It is ideal to drink while studying, on the job, or when one needs to maximize mental focus.
It is an effective, healthy alternative to caffeine, and also tastes great cold.

All ingredients are grown at the Demeter farm named the Land of the Medicine Buddha located in Nepal, as well as from sustainable and monitored wild harvesting in the remote forests of Nepal: Brahmi (Bacopa Monieri), Tulsi (Holy Basil), Aswaghandha-root, Apple Mint and Amla leaves.

For more information for this very special ayurvedic herbal Demeter tea beneficial for all mind functions see the "Top Student's Magic - refreshing pdf" ready to download.