Choose Life - for Women

This rare Ayurvedic tea mixture effectively strengthens the immune system and slows aging.
It gives life force and is effective against stress, while being highly aromatic, earthy, as well as being a mild aphrodisiac.
The taste is sweet and noble and is highly thirst-quenching.
The blend contains a large amount of the root of shatavari, the most important rejuvenating plant for women in Ayurvedic medicine. 
All ingredients are grown at the Demeter farm named the Land of the Medicine Buddha located in Nepal:
Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Shatavari (wild Asparagus racemosus) harmonize to create a potent union of plants along with African basil flowers.
More detailled on this very special and delicious ayurvedic Demeter herbal tea in the
"Choose Life - for women pdf" ready to download.