Choose Life - refreshing

Is a fantastic Triphala tea.
This delicious Ayurvedic tea combines Triphala, the most important tonic in Ayurvedic medicine with two more Ayurvedic “miracle plants” and other revitalizing herbs.
This refreshing herbal tea detoxifies the whole body and harmonizes digestion.
It rejuvenates, protects, strengthens and works effectively to reduce stress.
All ingredients are grown at the Demeter farm named the Land of the Medicine Buddha located in Nepal, as well as from sustainable and monitored wild harvesting in the remote forests of Nepal:
Triphala, Tinospora, Lemmon Grass, Apple Mint and Tulsi (Holy Basil)
For more information on this delicious long life ayurvedic Demeter herbal tea blend see the
"Choose Life - refreshing pdf" ready to download.