Why OneWorld alc Incense is a real alternative!

All herbs used in OneWorld products come from the Demeter herb-farm „Land of the Medicine Buddha“, OneWorld’s model Demeter farm.

Every step from sowing to packaging is monitored by OneWorld and guarantees the highest quality.

OneWorld is consistent in spreading Demeter agriculture in Nepal and implements Fair Trade principles from the farm all the way through to the consumer.

OneWorld alc implements a sustainable forest harvesting project, though which a portion of the Chepangs, one of the disadvantaged indigenous tribes in Nepal, has been given a modern and ecological mode of survival. 200 families are being taught in sustainable harvesting methods, and their 335h forest is being reforested with the help of plant-nurseries. OneWorld alc integrates these forest projects in a variety of Demeter products since Demeter International also wishes to support the Chepang projects. OneWorld alc finances and organizes the yearly certification of the forest harvesting project. Because the highest prices are paid to the forest harvesting cooperative for their products the project fulfills its social function. True continuity is achieved through OneWorld’s international marketing initiatives, as well as through the BIO and Demeter brand names.

This project also functions as a model for various other similar situations in village communities and forests inside and outside of Nepal.

This project can truly be considered LOHAS since the products that reach western consumers really benefit those that need it most, while at the same time being of the highest quality, guaranteed by brand names such as BIO and Demeter.

Furthermore, OneWorld alc has taken it upon itself to cultivate and commercialize endangered plant species so that in the long run pressure from overharvesting of the mistreated forest ecology within Nepal is relieved.