Why incense produced by the conventional methods doesn’t belong in organic stores!


Consumers that come to organic stores have two main reasons for doing so. On the one hand, they want to purchase healthy foods of the highest quality, and want that these qualities are guaranteed through labels such as Bio and Demeter. This gives the consumer the comfort they are looking for.

On the other hand, it is important to the consumer to play a role in carrying some responsibility for the environment of our planet, mother earth. The responsibility is ensured through trustworthy brand names such as Bio and Demeter. The environmental movement of the world wouldn’t exist without such environmentally conscious consumers.

These are the two main reasons that consumers go to organic stores; personal health and a feeling of responsibility for the planet.

Many organic stores carry conventional incense because the awareness and eco-friendly attitude hasn’t yet reached the incense market, and many uninformed consumers wish to buy it in organic stores. Regardless, such products seem alien in organic stores, and just don’t belong there. The reason for this is that the way incense is produced is not in accord with the values of the consumer. The ideals are at odds with one another.