All products made by OneWorld alc are impeccably fresh, clean and pure.

In everything we produce, we are committed to the highest ethics of Fair Trade principals to honor the people and environments we work with and to raise the standard of global economic behavior. The Demeter logo is proven to be the international standard for the highest ecological sustainability in quality products.

In our outstanding herbal tea blends, the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and western healing traditions are integrated to produce teas of potent healing properties and uncompromising quality. We are proud to be producing the first Demeter-Incense worldwide and feel it is of superior quality, using the best scents and herbs of Nepal’s pristine environment.


In our stylish packaging, creative minds have utilized recycled and handmade Nepali paper and craft techniques to appeal to all the senses. The boxes themselves bring a sense of style and beauty to the home environment or business.

Social sustainability is expressed in our motto “securing dignity" effectively demonstrated, which we hold as a model approach to true and just development. We honor the interests of LOHAS consumers (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainablility) in their focus on better choices in health, fitness, environment, personal development, sustainable living and social responsibility. We join the LOHAS movement and wish to impact the LOHAS community with ideas and models that can be applied in the poorest countries of the world.

We invite you to visit us in Nepal to witness in person our commitment to our values and display full transparency in our work and practices.

Until then, Please visit the areas of our website named Projects, Products, and About Us to learn more about how your choices in conscious consumption are crucial to creating a better world for all.

Our Demeter-Products:

 Finished products currently available in Europe-

       -12 delicious varieties of medicinal herbal teas

-8 wonderful types of Incenses

       -raw, pure Ayurvedic herbs in bulk


Our Organic Products, available in Europe:

From early 2010::

the new  Organic Incense Row - Elfs Breath and

      Ayurvedic raw herbs ,

      as well as the most important ayurvedic tonic Triphala.


Please read more in detail about the teas and the specific healing   powers of OneWorld-alc herbal ingredients produced sustainably by clicking on the bar to the right.