Who We are

OneWorldalc is a Nepali-German company which exists to protect the Himalayan ecology and spread biodynamic farming methods while developing a more just economy. We are convinced that this method of cultivation, now and in the future, truly protects and serves the needs of both man and nature.

Founded in 1997 by Demeter agronomist Peter Effenberger(German) and development expert to Nepal Shyam Hada (Nepali), OneWorld has in recent years expanded the professional basis of the company to include numerous local projects.


At the heart of OneWorld is the first Demeter Farm in Nepal, the "Land of Medicine Buddha", where cultivation models are developed for our local cooperatives and then its members are trained in these techniques. Thus, social motivation, clean and fair production, modern product design and international marketing moves OneWorldalc in a unique cycle of ethical work and trade.

153 families are now part of our Fulbari cooperative managing and working 100 hectares of land. In addition, 370 families of the endangered Chepang tribe take part in the wild harvesting cooperative, “Praja”, with an 828 acre tree farm.

Our most recent project is small farmers' cooperative in the high Himalayas in the remote buddhist Kingdom of Mustang. This project is a collaboration with the "Lo Kunphen-School for Tibetan Doctors” which trains young Mustangis in a 5 year program to continue the knowledge of the Amchi, or traditional Tibetan Doctors. Our collective of farmers will provide the school with medicines for training and treating the local population.